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Runestone Keeper was first launched on desktop PCs in 2015 with notable success. This roguelike has you climbing up level after level exploring the depths of a dungeon, on a quest to reveal treasure hidden on each floor. Thankfully, this new Android adaptation keeps in line with the game's original controllers and gameplay.

Imagine a revamped version of Minesweeper that included more elements of surprise. Say, obstacles and enemies to block off your path as you dodge mines from one floor to the next within a dungeon. Well, that's just what Runestone Keeper is. Use mana to launch attack spells, but monitor how you tap into your energy levels to spread them out among each challenge the game throws your way, or face losing health. Keep in mind that once you're out of hit points, it's all the way back to start.

Pick up new equipment and improve your stats to adapt your profile. Matches tie in from one level to the next via the cash you earn after successfully completing each level, thereby allotting you with the necessary resources required to purchase new characters, permanent upgrades and other perks to give you an edge while playing future levels.

Best of all, Runestone Keeper is completely unfazed by other Freemium models. Obviously, you'll beat each match faster if you pay your way, but otherwise it leaves the general premise and quality of the game completely untouched at heart. No matter whether you purchase your way up or are patiently poised awaiting free in-game coins to drop the game is just as good. All in all, Android roguelike fans are sure to cheer this arrival.
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